How to Settle Auto Accident Claim Without a Lawyer


how to settle auto accident claim without a lawyer.


Some people consider handling their own car accident themselves without an attorney. Certainly, when damages and injuries are relatively small, the idea of settling it by yourself seems plausible, because you will keep all of the settlement money, without compensating your attorney with one-third of the settlement amount.

However, before deciding on your course of actions, be aware of certain important points to keep in mind because they might complicate the situation to the point when an attorney involvement should be not only desired but necessary. For example: the sheer magnitude of sustained damages and injuries, lack of 100% clarity of what exact entities are involved in the accident itself, in medical treatment, in insurance coverages etc. Neglecting or making wrong assumptions about those points might result in incomplete compensation or worse.

Negotiating a settlement following an auto accident requires careful consideration and should not be attempted without first consulting an attorney. Seriously.

There are numerous types of claims (property damage, bodily injury, lost wage, etc.) that a person may have against the at-fault driver or their insurance company. Plus, often times there are additional coverages under your own policy that can further compensate you following an accident.

It is important to know which coverages apply to your case and to pursue a claim for any and all benefits you may be entitled to prior to settling your case. Once a case is settled there likely will be no further payment made by the insurance company regardless of any subsequent circumstances, including newly discovered injuries, medical bills for ongoing medical treatment, or additional lost wages.