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At the law firm of Reeder & Nussbaum, P.A., our experienced personal injury lawyers represent victims of dog bites and animal attacks. Bites and other animal attacks can result in permanent scarring, nerve damage and other injuries for victims. Many dog bite victims are young children, and any attack can cause psychological trauma that may require years of counseling and therapy. Our firm will work hard to help recover full compensation for your expenses relating to a dog bite or animal attack.

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Strict Liability in Florida Dog Bite Cases

Florida law states that any owner of a dog that bites a person on or in a public place, or while that person is on or in a private place lawfully, may be held liable for any damages suffered. It is not necessary for the owner to know whether or not the dog is vicious or if the dog has had any former episodes of viciousness.

In many cases, pet owners’ homeowners’ insurance policies will cover costs that animal attack and dog bite victims face. These costs may include medical treatment, lost wages as the result of a bite, plastic surgery in cases of disfigurement or scarring, psychological counseling and pain and suffering. Insurance coverage will usually apply to anyone present on the dog owner’s property as well, which includes any delivery people, mail carriers and other guests who were invited onto the property.

How to Proceed After A Dog Bite or Animal Attack

If you or a loved one is the victim of a dog bite or animal attack, it is crucial to identify the animal that caused your injuries. It will be necessary to identify who owned the animal to make a personal injury claim. If you are unable to identify the animal, you face the possibility of rabies shots.

It will also be necessary to seek medical attention. It will also be helpful to contact Animal Control. Animal control can investigate the animal and its owner and insure the animal was properly vaccinated. This will also help to determine whether rabies shots are necessary.

If the dog owner is insured, you might receive a call from his or her insurance company. In such a case, you should ask for name, address, and telephone number of the insurance company, as well as the claim number. You should also ask for the name of the insured, as well as how much money is available under the policy to pay medical expenses.

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