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In nursing homes in Florida and around the country, incidences of abuse and neglect occur all too frequently. Residents of adult care facilities have the right to feel safe and secure. When acts of abuse or neglect happen, it is important to immediately report the incident and to contact an experienced attorney.

At Reeder & Nussbaum in St. Petersburg, our personal injury lawyers provide experienced representation to victims of nursing home abuse and neglect throughout the area. We can help you understand the signs of abuse and will provide an honest assessment of the circumstances in your situation. When someone you care about has been the victim of nursing home abuse, speak with us and get the help you need.

Residents of Nursing Homes Have Rights

Under Florida law, residents of nursing homes have a number of rights written into the law. Among these rights are:

  • The right to civil and religious liberties
  • The right to private communication
  • The right to make complaints to the nursing home staff
  • The right to participate in social, religious and community activities
  • The right to review inspection records.

These are only some of the rights nursing home residents have. Contact Reeder & Nussbaum today and learn more about your rights. Call us for a free initial consultation at 877-449-ATTY (2889).

Injuries from Nursing Home Abuse in Florida

In nursing homes and other elder care facilities, acts of abuse and neglect can cause many types of injuries in victims. Whether the injuries occurred due to intentional acts of abuse or due to a failure to provide necessary care, it is important to not take any injury lightly.

Injuries resulting from nursing home abuse may include:

  • Bed sores
  • Malnutrition
  • Dehydration
  • Medication errors
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Abuse or sexual abuse injuries
  • Bruising from improper use of restraints
  • Fractures

Contact Reeder & Nussbaum About Nursing Home Abuse

If you suspect someone you love has been subjected to abuse or neglect, take action today to protect your loved one. Contact us at Reeder & Nussbaum and talk with us about your situation. You may be entitled to compensation for any injuries or other expenses related to the abuse. Call for a free case evaluation and consultation at 877-449-ATTY (2889). Se habla español.

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