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Personal Injury ProtectionIn Florida, personal injury protection, or PIP, is a form of insurance that all drivers in the state are required by law to carry. The minimum required coverage level is $10,000, and expenses that are covered by PIP include medical bills, lost wages, and death benefits if there is a fatality. Also, because Florida is a “no fault” state, anyone who is involved in an accident must seek compensation from his or her own insurance company, no matter who is actually at fault.

Unfortunately, the mere fact that you have personal injury projection coverage does not mean that all of your expenses will be covered by your car insurance company. Don’t forget that your insurance company is a for-profit business, and will likely try to minimize the amount of money that it pays you. Changes to FL PIP laws that go into effect on January 1, 2013 will make it even harder for people to get the financial compensation that they need in the wake of serious auto accidents.

The PIP insurance reform bill passed by the Florida legislature stipulates that:

  • Auto accident victims have just 14 days to seek treatment.
  • Compensation is capped at $2,500 unless the patient has an “emergency medical condition.”
  • Diagnosis must be made by a medical doctor (M.D.) or a doctor of osteopathic medicine (D.O.).
  • Claimants must submit to an examination under oath (EUO) if requested to do so by their insurance company.

To learn more, contact the a PIP lawyer at Reeder & Nussbaum, P.A. We help victims of auto accidents in Florida who have been denied coverage under their personal injury protection (PIP) policies. Communities that we serve include St Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota, and Tampa.

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