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PIP AttorneyIf you need to hire a PIP attorney and either live or run a medical office in Largo, Seminole, Bradenton, or elsewhere in Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota, or Pasco County, turn to Reeder & Nussbaum, P.A. We represent both individuals and medical care providers who have been denied PIP benefits by an insurance company. Since the early 1970s, Florida has had a form of mandatory car insurance called personal injury protection, or PIP for short. A PIP attorney from our law firm will be happy to explain more, but in general, personal injury protection is used to pay for relatively minor medical and property damage expenses following a traffic accident.

Hiring a PIP attorney can become necessary, however, in cases where one’s eligibility for PIP benefits is disputed, or where payments fall short of what an injured party or medical care provider is owed. Effective January 1, 2013, in response to a steady rise in car insurance premiums and the on-going threat of car insurance fraud, the Florida legislature has made it harder for people to get PIP benefits.

For example, following a car accident:

  • You will have just 14 days to seek medical treatment, otherwise you can be denied coverage under your personal injury protection policy
  • Benefits are capped at $2,500 unless you have an “emergency medical condition,” a subjective determination that will have to be made by a doctor
  • Your insurance company can require you to give statements about your health under oath as a condition precedent to receiving PIP benefits

To learn more, contact a PIP attorney at Reeder & Nussbaum, P.A. We are a PIP law firm serving Largo, Seminole, Bradenton, and other Tampa Bay area communities.

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