Automobile Accident: 34-year old woman was rear ended by a van owned by a national department store. The woman underwent spinal surgery. The department store was represented by a local attorney, as well as its General Counsel/Vice President from its Chicago headquarters. An economist was hired to determine the woman’s total damages including pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, loss of enjoyment of life, and future medical expenses. A confidential settlement was reached at mediation.

Automobile Accident: Plaintiff suffered a herniated disc when defendant ran a stop sign and struck the side of her automobile. Her doctor recommended a cervical fusion. When the insurance company for the defendant refused to pay fair value, the law firm of Reeder & Nussbaum, P.A. filed suit. The claim resolved a short while later for $165,000.00.

Automobile Accident: A man was rear ended by another vehicle. The man hired an attorney, but the attorney was unable to resolve his case after working on it for years. The man hired Reeder & Nussbaum and a $100,000 recovery was obtained for the man in less than six months.

Automobile Accident: Plaintiff suffered a herniated disc in his back when defendant did an improper u-turn in front of his vehicle. Defendants insurance company refused to compensate our client when he attempted resolution without counsel. Plaintiff retained a St. Petersburg auto accident attorney from the law firm of Reeder & Nussbaum, P.A. and policy limits were obtained.

Bicycle Accident: Plaintiff suffered a torn meniscus resulting in the need for surgical repair after Defendant backed her vehicle into our client. The claim resolved for $185,000.00.

Bicycle Accident: Plaintiff suffered a shoulder injury when a bicycle his family purchased at a local outlet store was negligently assembled. The handlebars came loose while he was riding the bicycle. Confidential settlement.

Dram Shop/Liquor Liability Wrongful Death: A bar continued to serve alcohol to an intoxicated individual known to have an alcohol addiction. The individual left the bar and walked into the street in front of traffic. He was hit and killed by a vehicle. A confidential settlement was reached.

Insurance Claim: Defendant insurance company refused to pay for Plaintiff’s medical treatment following her automobile accident, even though her doctors advised them that her treatment was reasonable, related to her accident and medically necessary. The claim resolved after litigation for the full payment of her medical bills. The insurance company was also required to pay her attorney’s fees and costs for her.

Negligent Security: A man was in the parking lot of a storage facility when he was assaulted and beaten. The brutal attack left the man in a coma for a week and resulted in a closed head injury. The storage facility knew there were holes in the security fence and the security cameras did not work prior to the accident. A claim was made against the storage facility’s insurance company that resulted in a confidential settlement that included pain and suffering damages, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and the payment of medical expenses.

Negligent Security: Two plaintiff’s were the victim of an armed robbery while working at a local check cashing establishment. Defendant failed to maintain the security system, maintain the facility up to reasonable safety standards and violated local ordinances. Confidential settlement reached.

Nursing Home Abuse: This elderly Plaintiff sustained a serious hip injury when she was attacked by her roommate, whom had a history of violence the nursing home failed to disclose. Defendant failed to provide sufficient supervision and security. The nursing home rejected the claim and suit was filed. A confidential settlement was reached.

Slip and Fall: A man fell while shopping at a national home improvement store and struck his face on a steel cart used to haul lumber. The man underwent jaw surgery for his injuries. After the first law firm the man hired failed to settle the case prior to filing a lawsuit, the man retained Reeder & Nussbaum. A lawsuit was filed and Reeder & Nussbaum litigated the case that resulted in a successful recovery at mediation. The settlement amount was confidential.

Wrongful Death: A passenger was ejected from a vehicle being driven by a wanted fugitive while fleeing from police. The passenger was unaware that the driver was wanted by police. The passenger died at the scene of the accident. The case was settled for the driver’s insurance policy limits despite the driver’s insurance company’s initial argument that the accident was not covered by insurance, since the driver was in the course of committing a criminal act that was specifically excluded from coverage under the driver’s insurance policy.

Wrongful Death: An elderly couple was hit head-on by another vehicle. The husband died at the scene of the accident. The wife sustained serious injuries including a broken pelvis. The case settled for the policy limits of both the at-fault driver’s insurance coverage and the elderly couple’s underinsured motorist coverage with their own insurance company.

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