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Accident Attorney St. Petersburg FLIf your auto insurance company either denies or underpays a claim that you’ve submitted, you can (A) do nothing, or (B) hire an accident attorney to pursue the money you believe you’re owed. A significant part of what accident attorneys do is hold auto insurance companies accountable for the promises they’ve made to their customers. Isn’t it only fair that, in return for the big auto insurance premiums you pay every year, your insurance company shouldn’t be allowed to nickel and dime when it’s time to pay a claim? The reason you buy car insurance in the first place is to cover your losses in the event of a serious accident. You shouldn’t have to fight tooth and nail for what’s already rightfully yours, but if that’s what it comes down to, an aggressive accident attorney is the right kind of person to have in your corner.

What, specifically, can an accident attorney do to help? A lot, actually. An attorney can:

  • Review the terms of your car insurance policy
  • Determine whether the policy covers the losses you’ve suffered and the expenses you’ve incurred
  • Identify the specific reason or reasons why your insurance carrier has denied or underpaid your claim
  • Conduct an investigation into the circumstances of your auto accident and present those findings to the insurance carrier
  • Contest any misrepresentations of fact used by the carrier in assessing your claim
  • Have your injuries and property damage independently evaluated
  • Provide you formal accident attorney representation up to and including trial, if necessary

For more information about how an accident attorney can be of help to you in the event that your auto accident insurance claim is denied or underpaid, please contact Reeder & Nussbaum, P.A. We are a personal injury law firm in St. Petersburg, FL, that provides sophisticated legal representation to auto accident victims and other injured persons.

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